Editor Greg Sunmark collaborates with 3008

We are pleased to announce that Editor Greg Sunmark has joined in collaboration with 3008.

Greg has cut spots for brands such as Amazon, Chrysler, Bacardi and Porsche. His work for McDonald’s and State Farm earned him numerous accolades, including two AICE Award
nominations. Recently, Greg edited Virtual Reality content for Acura. In addition, he completed touching work with GMC for Building for America’s Bravest, an organization that builds custom homes for injured American service members.

“I think Greg is that rare mix of Editor who has an incredible point of view, is engaging with clients, and exhausts the footage to put out the best possible version of the work,” said 3008 Editor/Owner Brent Herrington.

Greg has been known to score music for the work he edits and has even written original
compositions. When not in the edit suite, he spends time writing music and enjoys perfecting old craft cocktail recipes.

Click here to check out his work.