To be used for general guidelines only.

Please call 3008 with any questions.

Lab/Negative Prep:

Process negative as instructed by the production company and in camera roll order. Assemble individual camera rolls into lab rolls no longer than 1200 feet.

Telecine for HD:

Transfer to 64 minute Sony HDCAM tape at 4:2:2, 1080p @23.976.

For VFX Projects i.e. green screen shoots, transfer to 64 minute Sony HDCAM SR tape at 4:4:4, 1080p @ 23.976.  Please note HD dailies required for all HD finish jobs.

Telecine for SD:

If SD dailies requested for HD project, letterbox for 16:9 required. Transfer to 64 minute Digital BetaCAM tapes with Non-Drop Frame SMPTE time code. Record clean picture (no window burn-in) onto Digital BetaCAM tape.

Additional Specs:

Start lab roll 1 with hour 1, by punching the first readable keycode number. Transfer roll with continuous time with NO TC breaks and no additional  or deleted film frames. Change Time Code hour with each lab roll. If there are more than 23 rolls continue at the half hour (e.g. 01:30:00:00, 02:30:00:00, etc.) When those are exhausted, use the quarter hour (e.g. 01:45:00:00, 02:45:00:00, etc.).

The punched keycode number is to be the A Frame. If available, please make a Data File (ALE, ATN or FLX) list with key code information relative to the time code. Five seconds of continuous time code must precede ANY footage transferred.

If production or playback audio is synced at the time of film transfer, please make a 48kHz R-DAT during the syncing process.

Label film rolls/boxes with the time code corresponding to the hole punch. Label Digital Beta Cam tapes and DATs with corresponding film roll, time code and sound roll information.

Wild Track

Please make a first generation 48kHz R-DAT with ascending time code beginning at 01:00:00:00. Assemble in sound roll order. Do not regenerate the 1/4” time code. Please indicate on the DAT label the corresponding sound roll numbers. Five seconds of continuous time code must precede ANY sound dubbed.

Audio Specs:

All sync audio projects should include the following:

Clearly visible smart slate, with clap at the beginning of each take
and five second roll

Matching time code

Correctly identified scene number and take, with accompanying script notes

Wave files exported at 48kHz, 24bit, Stereo